monster movie ads

More Comic Ads!

8mm movie ad

Near the back pages of my Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines, a whole slew of ads consisting of impossible to resist temptations like the 8mm movies always caught my eye. I think I must have spent as much time on those ads as I did the whole magazine. How incredible it seemed to be able to finally see some of the masterpieces that never made it to our local television station or theater screens.

Never did I order any of these films because I didn't quite trust the deals; they were far too good to be true. Later I found out that they were simply highlights of the films and not the entire movie. Still, they were very tempting.

Even more tempting were these wonderfully sinister plants known as "Venus Fly Traps" These, I could not pass up on, especially when they arrived at one of our local stores. venus fly trap

They actually did swallow up flies just like the ads said they did, but they were a bit difficult to keep alive and eventually dried up. Still, they were fun while they lasted.

model kits ad

Later in the 60's, around 1969, Those wonderful old Aurora Monster models were re-issued as "glow in the dark" kits. The whole premise was that they were still the original kits, only the heads, hands and feet, and other various pieces were made of this florescent material that glowed in the dark. But they didn't mention that your eyes had to get accustomed to the dark before you could really see the glow. However, they did glow, and that part was pretty cool.

Of course I bought them, it was just another excuse to re-buy and re-build. I knew that the whole "glow in the dark" thing would never work because I would never be able to leave anything unpainted! You don't just put your heart and soul into a cool model only to leave the most important parts unpainted.

The boxes likewise suffered. They were square boxes as opposed to the oblong box. The paintings had been horribly re-worked leaving the masterpiece paintings by James Bama a bit trashed. The only thing cool about these kits that I left alone was the glowing cobra in The Mummy and the skull on The Wolf Man kit. Skulls were basically white anyway, so it was easy enough to just leave them.

Then there were the "sold out" kits. Even I knew that that was some sort of advertising ploy to show how popular their stuff was. They probably really were sold out, but why tease us with stuff we couldn't get?