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Welcome to the Internet!

The internet is an amazing world full of social media, videos and entertainment, live broadcasts and fun information. In order to keep the fun safe, here are some helpful tips.

Passwords! We all need passwords for almost every form we fill out online. Make you passwords strong and safe. The best approach is to always use a combination of numbers, symbols, and capital letters.

Bad Password Examples:
  • sparky416 (pet name, birthdate)
  • 2424justin (address, grandchild name)
Good Password Examples:
  • 19Goh#mT46
  • 12Ma4!22u

Online Activities

Online activities such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media are fun and engaging, but you'll need to take extra pre-cautions when using them. A safe and secure website will always begin with: https://

The graphic below shows what a secure website will look like in your address bar: There should be a padlock icon, and the beginning of the address should read "https".

secure login

Q: When do I need to use a secure webpage?
A: Whenever you enter personal, or sensitive information-such as a password, or MOST IMPORTANTLY when you enter credit card information.

Q: Why do some webpages not have the "s" on the end?
A: Not all web pages need to be secure. For instance, this tutorial page you are viewing right now does not need to be secure. Therefore, the web address is:

Viruses and Virus software

The majority of computer viruses that your computer will be infected with when using the internet will be categorized as "sypware". Spyware infections are tiny programs designed to track web pages that you visit to gather information that can be given, or sold to spam/junk mail service providers. "sypware" is very common, but there are some good free programs out there that can detect, and clean your computer daily. Below is a link to AVG Free Antivirus software. You can download and install it immediately, and at no cost.

Click on the box that says: Free Trial, Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

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