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Abbott and Costello
Addams Family Haunted House Model
Advertising, 60's
After School in Winter
After School Movies
American International Pictures
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (dedicated page)
Alka Seltzer Commerical Video
Alley Cat Theater
Andy Griffith Show, The
Anthology Horror
Arctic Circle Hamburgers
Army Men, Comic Book Ad
Army Men, plastic
Army, playing
Army Surplus
Army Toys
Art Linkletter
Art Sets
Aurora Hanging Cage Model
Aurora Monster Models
Aurora Monster Models-"Glow" Editions
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B-17 Flying Fortress
Balsa Wood Gliders
Barbara Eden
Batman Accessories, Toys, Clothes
Batman, TV Show
Batmobile Model
BBQ Chips (Blue Bell) (Reference to)
Beatles, The
Bedrooms, Our Rooms
Ben Casey, TV Show
Berry Picking
Bible School
"Big Daddy" Roth
Big Time candy bars
Big Valley, The

Black Cat, The (film)
Black Lights & Posters
Black Soap, Novelty Ad
The Bob White Theater
Bonanza TV Show
Bongo Daddy, The Great Mystic-Ask a Question!
Boris Karloff's Thriller
Bow and Arrow Toys
Bread and Jam for Francis Book
Breakfast Cereal
Bringing a Guillotine to School
Bubble Gum Cigars
Building Models
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Candy Cigarettes
Canteen, Army, toy
Caps, popping
Car Radios
Cars, 1950's-1960's
Cars, plastic, dime store
Cartoons on TV
Catalogs, vintage
Cereal(Dedicated page)
Chef Boy Ar Dee Pizza Mix
Cheyenne TV Show
Chicken Fat Song
Christmas in the 60's
Christmas Lists
Christmas Memories
Christmas Shows on TV Christopher Lee
Circus Toys, plastic
Clanky Chocolate Syrup (paragraph next to my baby picture)
Classic Commercials
Classrooms, school
Clint Walker
Coloring Books
Coloring Book Pages
Coloring Books & Art
Columbus Day Storm
Combat! TV Show (mention only)
Combat! TV Series (dedicated page)
Comic Book Ads
Comic Book Ads-8mm Monster Movies
Cootie, Game
Corner Store
Corner Store (paragraph next to my baby picture)
Cowboy Boot Cup More content
Cowboy Hat Cereal Bowl (paragraph next to my baby picture)
Cracker Jacks
Creature of the Black Lagoon (film)
Creature, Model
Creeple Peeple
Creeple Peeple (Dedicated page)
Cuban Missile Crisis
Cut-offs & Summer Clothes
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Danny Thomas
Darnell, Linda
Daytime Television
Diana Rigg
Dickie's Drive-In
Dick Tracy
Dolly Madison Snack Cakes
Dracula (Lugosi film)
Dracula, Model
Dracula, Hammer Films
Drawing, pencils, crayons
Drive-In Theatres
Drive-In Movies 1966
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Earth Vs. The Golf Balls
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
Education, the Decline of?
Electric Trains
Elvis Presley (short mention only)
Emma Peel
Elizabeth Montgomery
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Famous Monsters of Filmland
Fields Where We Would Play
Field Trips, school
Fireball X15
Flag Salute
Flying Kites
Flying Kites (More memories)
Forgotten Prisoner, Model
Francis Books (Bread and Jam for Francis)
Frankenstein (Karloff film)
Frankenstein, Model
Fright Factory, Mattel
Funny Face Soft Drinks
Furniture, retro, 60's
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G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe's, Sporting Goods Store

Galaxie, Ford 65
Glow in the Dark Monster Models Ads
Go Karts, Homemade
Go Karts Homemade Dedicated Page
Go Carts, Real
Go Carts, Tote Goats and Mr. Sardonicus
Gold Key Comics
Grab Bags
Grape Gumballs, giant (image only)
Grenades, toy
Grit Newspaper
Grit Newspaper Full Story
Growing Up
Guillotine, Model
Guitar, Vintage Victoria
Gumball Toys
Gunsmoke TV Show
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Halloween, 1962
Halloween at School
Halloween Masks
Hammer Horror Films!
Hanging Cage
Hangman Game (Play the game here)
Hannah-Barbera Cartoons
Haunted Basement
Haunted Houses
Haunting, The
Hayley Mills
Heather Sears, Actress
Helmets, Army, toy
Helter Skelter
Hide and Seek, playing
High Chaparral, The
Highway 69 Revisited
Hollywood candy bars
Homemade Go Karts
Honey West
Hot Dog Day
Horror Movie Memories
Hostess Snack Cakes
House on Haunted Hill
Household Products
House Party (kids' feature)
Hunchback, Model
Hunchback of Notre Dame (films)
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Ice Cream Man
Icee Slushy Drink
Iceman Cometh, The
Impala, Chevy 67
Inger Stevens
Instruction sheets (Aurora Monster Models)
Invaders, The (TV show)
The Invaders UFO Model
Invaders, The (TV show description)
Invisible Man, The (film)
Is There a Doctor in the House?
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James Bond
Jason and the Argonauts on TV
John Lennon's Statement
Jon Gnagy TV's Greatest Artist
Jonny Quest
Jo-Jo Man, The
Joy Buzzer, Novelty Ad
Judo & Ju Jitsu
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Karate, Comic Book Ad
Karate, in movies
Kildare, Dr. TV Show
Kindergarten-The Brave New World
Kite Flying
Krazy Ikes
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Land of the Giants Model
Land of the Giants TV Show
Learn to Draw, Jon Gnagy
Learning to Ride a Bike
Licorice Shoelaces
Lieutenant Hanley, Combat!
Linda Darnell
Little League
Living in Black and White (when my old memories seemed black and white)
Loretta Young, TV Show
Lost in Space
Lloyd Thaxton Show
Luden's Wild Cherry Drops
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Machine Gun, toy
Machine Gun, toy-story about

"Man's Favorite Sport", Rock Hudson
Marx Army Toys
Masque of the Red Death Comic 1964
Matchbox Cars
Matchbox Cars-dedicated page
Matchbox Fire Station
Matchbox Gas Station
Matchbox Motorway
Maureen O'Sullivan, "Jane"
Maverick TV Show
Mayonnaise Sandwiches
Men's Portrayals in 60's Advertising
Mess Kit, toy
Missile Crisis, Cuban 1962
Monkey Bars
Monster Movie Ads
Monster Movie Memories
Monster Dragsters
Monster Figures, Plastic (Marx)
Monster Figures, Plastic (Marx)-dedicated page
8mm Monster Movie Ads
Monster Movies on TV
Monster Models
Monster Movie Ads
Movie Ads, 8mm
Movie Clips (vintage horror)
Mowing Lawns
Mr. Potatoe Head
Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol Mummy, The (Karloff film)
Mummy, Model
Muscle Cars
Music, 60's
My true UFO story
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Nestle's Quik
Nik L Nip Candy
No Time For Sergeants
Nova, Chevy
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October Memories
Oobleck, Barthalomew and the
Oreo Cookies
Ouija Boards
Outer Limits, The
Out There Be Monsters! (Remembering monsters in the closet)
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Paint-by-Number Sets
Paint-by-Number kits-Mom's
Patty Duke
Paul Revere & The Raiders
Pee Chees
Pedal Cars
Penny Candy
Pepe LePew
Pepe LePew Cartoon-Watch the Video!
Perry Mason Dedicated Page
Phantom of the Opera (films)
Phantom of the Opera, Model
Phantom of the Opera, Hammer Movie
Piggly Wiggly Stores (pic only)
Pizza in the box: Chef Boy-Ar-Dee
Pistol, Army, toy
Planes, balsa wood gliders
Planet of the Apes, The (mention)
Plastic monster figures
Play Doh
    Playing Army:

Polaroid Instamatic (short mention only)
Pop, pop coolers
Pop Tarts
Prison Ball
"Psyche Paths" Game
Push Mowers
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Quick Draw McGraw
Quicksand (in Tarzan Movies)
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Radios, Transistor
Rat Fink Rings
Real Army Surplus Stuff
Record Players
Red Light, 1-2-3 (outdoor game)
Red Rover (outdoor game)
Remco Army Toys
Revolutionary War Soldiers Set, Comic Book Ad
Road Race Sets
Rock N' Roll
Rod Serling
Run Baby, Run (Book)
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Sandpiper, The (Movie Poster)
Saturday Morning TV Shows
Sergeant Aaron Owenby
Sergeant Saunders, Combat!
School Days: Back to School
School Days
School-empty building in summer
School Lunches
School Lunch Menu
School: great movies after school in the gym!
School Supplies
School's Out!
Sci-Fi Shows on TV
Sea Hunt, TV Show

  • Seniors-beginning computer tips: Sidewalk Surfing
    S&H Green Stamps
    Silly Putty
    Sky King, TV Show
    Snacks, Cereal and Cartoons
    Snappy Gum
    Soap Operas on TV: (They used to be only 15 minutes long!)

    Soda Pop, pop coolers
    Squirt Guns
    Spelling Bee
    Spinach, the evil of
    Sprinklers, playing in
    Spy Scope, Novelty Ad
    Station Wagons
    Star Trek
    Stingray Bikes
    Stingray Bikes More content
    Stores, neighborhood
    Summer 1965
    Summer 1966
    Summer 1967
    Summer evenings playing outside
    Summer Evenings-more on this topic
    Summer fun
    Sunshine Division, The Mention
    Superman, TV Show
    Swimming at the Park
    Swing Sets
    Swiss Family Robinson, The Mention
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    Tarzan Movies
    Tarzan, TV Show
    TV Shows on Saturday Mornings
    Thanksgiving Day Memories
    Thingmaker (Dedicated page)
    13 Ghosts
    Thriller TV Show
    Time Tunnel, The
    Tiddly Winks
    Tiger Grips, for bikes
    Tiger Joe Tank, 1962
    Tiki Punch
    Tiki 60's!
    Tinker Toys
    Timeline: 1960-1969
    Toby Tyler
    To Everything There is a Turn-Turn-Turntable (Those great console stereos!)
    Tommy Burst
    Mattel Tommyburst: Requiem For a Machine Gun

    Tonka Trucks
    Toys, Cereal Box Premiums
    Transistor Radios
    Troll Dolls
    TV Dinners
    TV Guide
    Twilight Zone Tribute Page
    "Twister" Game
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    UFO Model, The Invaders
    UFO, The Invaders TV Show
    UFO: Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers
    UFO sighting 1966, my fake story
    UFO sighting 1966, my true story
    UFO's, watching for while sleeping outside
    Underwater Fever (My fascination with swim fins, masks and snorkels)
    Monster Figures, Plastic (Marx)-dedicated page
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    Valentine's Day
    Venus Fly Trap
    Village of the Damned
    Vintage Memories (When my old memories seemed black and white)
    Virginian, The
    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
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    Warner Bros. Cartoons
    Welcome to the Space Age (Great 60's furniture designs)
    When Worlds Collide
    Where the Action Is, TV Show (toward bottom of page)
    White Album, The, Beatles
    Wierd-O's Models
    William Castle
    Winter Army Days (Playing army outside during winter)
    Winter Army Days Continued (Much more on this topic!)
    Winter Saturdays (The fun we could have on cold winter days)
    Wolf Man, Model
    Wolfman (Mention only)
    Wolfman, film
    Women's Portrayals in 60's Advertising
    Wooden Go Karts
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    X-Ray Specs
    Year of the Rat (The day my brother got bit by a rat)
    Yvonne Craig (Batgirl)
    Zero candy bars
    Zidell Industries, Dad's Job
    Zip Codes, the Birth of
    Zorba, Dr.
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  • New Stuff / Updates

    new logo

    Halloween at School

    Our Old Halloween Masks

    Old Record Players

    Candy Cigarettes

    The Fall & Winter of 1966

    Haunted Houses: The lure of haunted houses, haunted house movies and more!

    Homemade Go Karts

    The Summer of '69

    Breakfast Cereal

    Jon Gnagy: TV's Greatest Artist!

    The "Cans" Film Festival. Admission price: 1 can of food

    60's Products-The Stuff We Used to Use!

    Selling The Grit Newspaper Door-to-Door, 1966

    Universal Horror Films!

    The New Fall Lineup of TV Shows

    My New Best Friend from Next Door, 1963

    Masque of the Red Death Comic 1964

    Showing Off For Girls

    The Summer of 1964

    My Special Friend, 1965

    The Summer of 1966!

    My 60's Go Kart!

    One Summer Day in 1964

    The Haunted Basement

    Remembering those old Universal Plastic Monster Figures

    Requiem For a Machine Gun

    Hammer Horror Films!

    "The Vine Story"

    Valentine's Day

    Playing in Our Rooms in Winter

    Sci-Fi Shows on TV

    Christmas Shows on TV

    Our Christmas Lists

    Playing Army on cold winter days

    60's Fashions

    The Corner Store

    End of Summer...Back to School!

    The Last Days of Summer...

    Warm Summer Evenings!

    The Summer of 1967

    Remembering The Andy Griffith Show

    The Summer of 1965

    The Twilight Zone Tribute Page

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents

    Creeple Peeple!

    Our summer vacations to the beach

    Matchbox Cars!

    60's Food! Remember those goodies?...

    60's TV Westerns

    What would life be like in the year 2013?...

    Saturday Morning TV Shows

    Boris Karloff's Thriller

    Movies of the 60's



    Perry Mason TV Show

    NEW! Vintage Stories
      Expanded stories of my growing up in the 60's

    October Memories

    Tiki 60's!

    Updated: The Outer Limits

    Old Monster Movie Memories

    60's Cars
    Sleek, lovely, ferocious! The best cars ever!

    60's Outdoor Games
    Red Rover, 1-2-3 Red Light, remember these?

    Cold Winter Saturdays
    Those cold and rainy indoor Saturdays were better than we thought!

    Welcome to the 70's!
    Girls, guitars, great music & a wild lifestyle! These were the 70's.

    Digital Scrapbook
    A slide show of some of my digital scrapbook pages that began this site.

    8mm Monster Movie Ads

    Combat! The TV Series

    60's Advertising, magazine ads, novelties, & fun


    Music from 1965-1970!

    Hazy Lemon Facebook Page

    Michael Paul Smith's   Amazing Vintage Models. Incredible modeling and dioramas that you absolutely must see! Put this site on your bucket list.
    vintage diorama
    More about Michael's fantastic models & dioramas here

    Wes Clark's Avocado Memories

    The Virginian Weblog
    A wonderful "Virginian" television show page! Saddle up, boys.

    Monster Kid Online Magazine
    This is an awesome website full of monster fun & info!

    Portraits by Georgina Flood
    Georgina's beautifully hand drawn retro portraits of some of our favorite people!
    portraits by Georgina Flood

    Jack About Guitars
    A very cool site about one of my favorite topics: guitars. Jack is a 60's guitar whizz and shares his love of the six-stringed beauties with us all!
    Jack About Guitars

    Back to the 60's with Friends
    Wonderfully active Facebook group!

    Buc Wheat's Modeling World
    Cool site, full of great models & modeling!

    Goopy fun with the original "Thingmaker" kits!

    Our Monster Models
    Beautfiully built and painted vintage monster models! Aurora fans unite!

    British Export
    Award Winning Beatles Tribute Band, very cool!

    Pacific Northwest Bands
    This will bring back great memories of a
    wonderful time of local bands

    The Montells A fun page for The Montells
    A local Portland Band

    60's Slang
    Remember how we used to talk?
    It's all here.

    Sixties City

    Robin Remembers the 60's

    PDX History
    A huge site with lots of vintage pics
    and Portland history.

    Time Warp Toys
    Huge collectible toy site where you can get all of those
    fun vintage toys from the past!

    1960s Flashback

    Retro Galaxy
    A great site full of fun retro nostalgia!

    Autumn Wind Studios
    Photoshop Retouching by Jeff Owenby

    Play Hangman!