60's actresses
60's tv actresses

Here are a few of the reasons why I decided to grow up in the first place. These are the women of movies and television that really R-E-V-V-E-D up my hormones and thrust my adolescence into overdrive!

Elizabeth Montgomery elizabeth montgomery

I always felt that despite all of her competition, Elizabeth Montgomery was in fact, the most attractive woman in television during the 60's. Diana Rigg was actually given the title of "the sexiest and most beautiful", but an error was made; TV's "Samantha" had it all: looks, poise, personality, cuteness, and just a bit of the devil. Elizabeth Montgomery had one outstanding commodity over most others: she was actually funny! She also had the nose twitch (which, by the way, was better than Jeannie's blink), and when doltish Darrin wasn't looking, all hell broke loose. There's no question that Samantha Stevens was waaaaay too good looking for her square husband. The entire character plots needed to be seriously taken in stride, for Unbelievably moralizing males were contstantly keeping these good girls down. So, your wife is magic, can twitch her nose--or blink, and all of a sudden you've got a million bucks...and you say "no"?...Yeah right.

Inger Stevens inger stevens

Swedish import Inger Stensland (Stevens) starred in the popular TV series "The Farmer's Daughter". One of her most famous TV parts was the character Nan Adams in "The Twilight Zone" episode "The Hitchhiker". Inger went on to conquer film as well as television, and became quite a big star. As popular and sky-rocketing as she was, controversy surrounded her. Whether accidentally or not, Inger took her own life after struggling with depression for many years.

Mary Tyler Moore mary tyler moore

Mary Tyler Moore was an American hero to housewives, and an icon for an era. She made "pedal-pushers" an outright fashion trend, and women all over America were identifying with "Laura Petrie." MTM's different looks and stylish, demure approach to housewife-dom set her just a notch above the rest. Mary's signature performances as Laura Petrie were as unique a characterization as Don Knotts' Barney Fife. Laura stammered when she was nervous, cried her ever-famous "Ohhhhh, Rooooobbbb", and provided cuteness galore. Mary was a tremendous comic element equal to Dick Van Dyke, and at times, overshadowing his performances.

Patty Duke patty duke

"...Meet Cathy who's been most everywhere, from Zanzibar to Berkeley Square, but Patty's only seen the sights a girl can see from Brooklyn Heights, what a crazy pair..."

Patty Lane was one of my biggest crushes, but I also liked The Patty Duke Show tremendously. She was America's favorite girlfriend. Though "Patty" was supposed to represent the typical girl-next-door-with-perhaps-a-bit-too-much-energy, she was in reality, nothing like any of the girls in my neighborhood. Patty Lane was infected with an incurable cuteness, and likewise infected her audiences who adored her-like myself. I was really too young at the time to appreciate the fact that in real life, my favorite crush was a teenage Academy Award winner for her role as Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker".

Barbara Eden barbara eden

Blink! Blink! Sure, we laughed at the comedy, but that's not why we watched this show. C'mon, if you're a guy, then you know why you tuned in. There were very few television equivalents to "Jeannie". She was the bubble-headed vixen, with a costume that almost fit and an infectuous giggle. Jeannie's only downfall was that she was in love with a major idiot like Major Anthony Nelson. I did get plenty of laughs from this show, and my favorite episodes always featured her invisible killer dog "Jin-Jin". It was great the way he'd rip peoples' clothes to shreds!

Maureen O'Sullivan maureen o'sullivan

Not so plain jane...

Maureen O'Sullivan. Sadly, this marvelous lady just sort of disappeared altogether after the "Tarzan" films. Noteably, she was Mia Farrow's mom. However, if you were a guy in the early 60's, catching Tarzan movies in syndication, you knew that she was truly "Jane" before she was anything--or anyone else. "Jane" was perky and adventurous; a bit of a disciplinarian with a staid British accent. She was also fun. At first, all of us guys were disappointed at having a female intruder, a woman of the house spoiling all the potential jungle action. But Tarzan's "Jane" didn't spoil a dang thang. Instead, she gave new radiance to a worn out picture tube. She had the most risque outfit ever. It showed naked hip and derriere when profiled. Aside from her nude swimming scenes, Ms. O'Sullivan forced the Motion Picture Industry to enforce a "code" to keep her outfits in line.

Diana Rigg diana rigg

a.k.a. "Emma Peel" from television's "The Avengers." She carried a gun and had a high kick. Emma Peel was the only reason my fingers ever turned the channel knob on the TV. It's my opinion that Diana Rigg was far too sexy for television. Though she was perfect as Emma Peel , there was a turbulence to her affect, an undercurrent of something boiling beneath a surface. Ms. Rigg burned up the rabbit ears plain and simple. Combining a lovely British accent with a lithe figure, Emma Peel was a TV heartbreaker. Her athletics were likewise appealing.

Yvonne Craig yvonne craig

"Batgirl's" Yvonne Craig was an iconic figure in 60's movies and Television, and though I didn't always know her name, I definitely knew her face. I really loved her as the memorable "green-girl Marta" from the "Star Trek" episode "Whom Gods Destroy" playing opposite to Steve Inhat. As Batgirl, she was an absolute turn-on. Commissioner Gordon's daughter "Barbara" never once sparked any interest in Batman or Robin? This I never understood. Happily, I got to meet Yvonne in 1996. She signed a cartoon caricature of Batgirl that I had done. She looked at my signature and said "Oh, he must be from L.A. I've never heard of this artist though." I introduced myself as the artist, and without skipping a beat, she said, "Oh, Wonderful!" and signed it for me. And yes, she was a very nice lady.

Sherry Jackson yvonne craig

As a kid, I only remembered Sherry Jackson from Star Trek and Lost in Space. She had one of the prettiest faces ever to grace the television screen, almost making her princess-like and untouchable. Sherry was also a child actress on the The Danny Thomas Show.

More TV Gals... 60's tv actresses p>The late 60's gave us some wonderful newcomers. As I was growing with these years, there was nobody more beautiful to me than Peggy Lipton, and I found that The Mod Squad was actually a good show. Pictured above from left to right are: Karen Valentine, Roberta Shore, Paula Prentiss, Peggy Lipton, and Dawn Wells. Dawn Wells. she was another one of those who was everybody's "girlfriend". "Mary Ann" was pretty darned hot. Ginger was so-so. This is what bothered me most: Trapped on Gilligan's Island, and the Professor can't figure out what to do with her? Even I wasn't that dumb.

Who's That Girl? 60's tv actresses

Many of these gals, with the exception of Gidget, were immediately recognizable, yet most of us didn't know their names. From Left to right: Diane Baker was the A-typical classy lady; sophisticated, with poise, and a face that absolutely illuminated. Diana Muldaur appeared in so many TV shows, and was likewise a sophisticated beauty. Stella Stevens played a number of sexy-siren roles, most notable for me was her character in "The Nutty Professor". Susan Oliver was absolutely dazzling, and another one of those faces that just took control of the TV screen.

Grand Ladies of TV 60's tv actresses 60's tv actresses

Top row left to right: Momma Partridge Shirley Jones, Mrs. Addams Carolyn Jones, Mrs. Douglas Tina Cole and that girl with the flip better than Mary Tyler Moore's, Marlo Thomas.

Bottom row left to right: These actresses really weren't that much older, but seemed far more mature with a high level of respectability. These were the ladies that us guys would develop crushes so easily on because they had "momlike" qualities. Left to right: Mission Impossible's Barbara Bain, everyone's favorite nanny Juliet Mills, Perry Maon's regal secretary Barbara Hale, and Angie Dickinson.

Classic Cuties 60's tv actresses

Left to right: Gidget's Sally Field, Petticoat Junction's Linda Kaye Henning, Laugh-In's Goldie Hawn, and a young Bonnie Bedelia.

Tall, Dark & Lovely 60's tv actresses

Well, maybe not tall, but certainly dark and lovely. Dihann Carroll of the hit show Julia certainly graced the TV screen with her impeccable features and flawless beauty. Theever-allurling Lt. Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols was a secret crush for many of us guys with her professional demeanor and quiet sultry manner. Barbara Luna mostly portrayed Spanish characters, and appeared in many TV shows of the era. Her face was readily familiar. Though she rarely made television appearances, Nancy Kwan had a face that was very hard to forget.

60's Teen Girls 60's teen actresses 60's teen actresses

Teenage actresses were indelibly popular in the 60's, some went on to more lucrative careers in movies like Hayley Mills. Sandra Dee and Tuesday Weld did very well on the big screen. For television, there were many others, but one very popular Debbie Watson from the hit show "Tammy" was a huge favorite.

There were very few reasons for me to tune into The Brady Bunch except for the latter seasons when the girls were older and more attractive. I had more fun with The Partridge Family" as a show because it was actually funny. Susan Dey knocked me off my feet the first time I saw her. Another favorite pair when growing up was the Eilbacher girls, Lisa and Cindy. Though the adult actresses were far more alluring, the teen actresses were great because they were closer to our age, and we could identify with their TV problems.