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2016 Updates & New Pages
December New Page: Christmas Memories 12/3/16
October New Page: Our Old Halloween Masks 10/1/16
October New Page: Halloween at School 10/1/16
September New Page: Old Record Players 9/2/16
September New Page: Candy Cigarettes 9/1/16
2015 Updates & New Pages
November New Page: The Fall & Winter of 1966 11/7/15
October New Page: Haunted Houses 10/01/15
August New Page: Homemade Go Karts 08/21/15
July New Page: The Summer of 1969 07/1/15
May New Page: Breakfast Cereal! 05/1/15
April New Page: Jon Gnagy, television's greatest artist! 04/1/15
March Updated Page Combat! TV show page. New photos, text added 03/26/15
February New Page:The "Cans" Film Festival 02/3/15
Great movies were shown in the school gym in the evenings, and the admission price was just 1 can of food!
January New Page: 60's household products 01/1/15
2014 Updates & New Pages
November Updated Page: Perry Mason: more photos and content added. 11/5/14
New section for "Look-Alike" actors added.
November New Page: Selling The Grit Paper Door-to-Door 11/1/14
And so go the best laid plans of mice and kids: making our fortune selling the grit newspaper.
October New Page: Universal Horror Films! 10/1/14
The greatest monster movies of them all! Universal monster movies thrilled me as a kid and continue to do so today.
September New Page: My New Best Friend in 1963 9/1/14
This is a story about a new kid that moved in next door to me, and how we became the best of friends for a very short period of time.
September New Page: The New Fall Lineup of TV Shows 9/1/14
I used to get so excited waiting for the TV guide that presented all the new fall TV shows.
August New Page: Masque of the Red Death Comic Book 1964 8/10/14
August New Page: Showing Off For Girls... 8/3/14
From the bicycle to the Band-Aid: It all begins with trying to get girls' attentions.
August Updated Page: School Days (More content added) 8/1/14
July New Page: The Summer of 1964 7/22/14
July New Page: My Special Friend, 1965 7/1/14
Boy meets girl, girl becomes best friend.
June Updated Page 60's Comics, more pics, and commentary added. 6/16/14
June New Page: The Summer of 1966! 6/7/14
June New Page: My 60's Go Kart! 6/4/14
June New Page: Memories from 1964 6/2/14
From kite flying to learning to ride a bike. One summer day in 1964 was very eventful for me.
May New Page: The Haunted Basement 5/1/14
My best friend and I tried out best to "haunt" his basement.
May New Page: Remembering my old Plastic Monster Figures 5/1/14
April New Page: Requiem For a Toy Machine Gun 4/1/14
The story of how I lost my most beloved toy: The Mattel Tommyburst machine gun.
March New Page: America's Reaction to the Beatles, 1964 3/27/14
Many people thought The Bealtes were just a flash in the pan and would "fade away into obscurity". Oh how wrong they were!
March New Page: Hammer Horror Films! 3/2/14
March New Page: Hollywood and Vine: The Heartbreak of Living in a Vineless World. 3/1/14
The trials and tribulations of my best friend and I trying to find decent "Tarzan" vines to swing on.
February New Page: Valentine's Day! 2/3/14
January Updated Page: Saturday Afternoon Horror Movies on TV: more content added. 1/25/14
January Updated Page: The TV Guide: more content and memories added. 1/12/14
January New Page: Playing in Our Rooms during Winter 1/5/14
January New Page: Sci-Fi Shows on TV 1/1/14
2013 Updates & New Pages
December Updated Page: 1962 School Page: Actual School lunch menu from October of 1964 added. 12/30/13
December Updated Page: G.I. Joe (More content added) 12/26/13
December New Page: Christmas Shows on TV 12/1/13
December New Page: Our Christmas Lists 12/1/13
November New Page: Playing Army Outside in Winter 11/30/13
November New Page: 60's Fashions 11/17/13
September New Page: The Corner Store 09/2/13
September New Page: Uh-ohhh, summer's's...Back to School! 09/1/13
August New Page: The last days of summer; I remember how sacred they were. 08/10/13
August Updated Page: Halloween, more memories, more pictures added. 08/10/13
New Pages:Updated 8/1/13 Elizabeth Montgomery   | Diana Rigg   | Barbara Eden   | Yvonne Craig   | Inger Stevens   |
July New Page: Warm summer evenings when we'd play outside til dusk! 07/20/13
July Updated Page: Updated monster model instructions page-added content, new photos. 07/18/13
July New Page: The Summer of 1967 07/15/13
July New Page: The Andy Griffith Show 07/12/13
June New Page: The Summer of 1965 06/30/13
April New Page: The Twilight Zone Tribute Page 04/26/13
April New Page: Alfred Hitchcock Presents! 04/23/13
March New Page: Creeple Peeple & the Mattel Thingmaker 03/24/13
March New Page: Our vacations to the beach 03/10/13
February New Page: 60's Matchbox Cars! 02/5/13
February New Page: 60's Food! 02/4/13
January Updated 01/24/13: More content added to 1968 page.
January New Page: TV Westerns "Git along you little dawggies, it's time for TV westerns!" 01/22/13
January New Page: What would life be like in the year 2013?...01/21/13
2012 Updates & New Pages
October New page: Saturday Morning TV Shows! 10/4/12
October New page: Boris Karloff's Thriller 10/2/12
September New page: 60's Movies 9/29/12
Drive-In Movies Updated 9/28/12: Re-designed this page with a snack bar intermission that plays at the bottom.
September New Page: 9/22/12 My memories of 1967. Cool songs, cooler TV, and The Summer of Love. 9/22/12