red rover game

Outdoor games were so much fun.

In fact, playing in the street was not a big deal at all. We simply moved to one side whenever a car came by. Back in those beautiful days during the 60's, few cars did come by, and for the most part, we could play without interruption. Though street games often became tedious, we used to sit around and do bike tricks in the street for fun, trying anything new and potentially dangerous. "Wheelies" became the thing to do with a Stingray bike. One kid on our block was the wheelie expert and could ride for almost a city block or more. Then one day, as fate shook its weird magic wand, the front wheel of his bike came off, rolling inexplicable toward a parked car. Panic set in, and when he had to land the bike, there was no front wheel to land on! The result was ghastly and included blood. By the time we finished the story that circulated the entire borough, it became a near-death experience featuring gallons of blood and broken bones protruding. From that day forward, even the toughest kids began double-checking the bolts on the front wheel, and the handlebars.

If school was good for anything, it was to provide us with the empty playground after school, or on weekends. There was nothing more preferable to me than playing schoolyard games during non-school hours. It was a way of re-claiming my independence permitting me to be the one to decide when recess was really over. Most of us would get together and play games on the school grounds. I can recall those hot summer days, going door-to-door spreading the word that a baseball or football game was going to happen on the school grounds. Though baseball and football were okay, they presented a problem. There weren't as many boys in the immediate neighborhood that were of proportionate size and age for either game. Therefore, we often had more fun with other games that could include girls as well as boys providing more kids.

"Red Rover"

"Red Light,Green Light"