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kids' forts

Building Forts!

kid's fortOn a daily or weekly basis, my friends and I often built forts out of whatever wood, or scrap materials we could find. Bent nails, flimsy plywood, pallet sections and two-by-fours made up the main frames of our secret sanctuaries. The "no girls allowed" rule was strictly enforced. Still, none of us could resist their charms as they pretended to be in awe of our structures long enough to stick their heads in for a peek. After having inspected our magnificent creations, they usually exited with an "aw, that's dumb."

tools and wood Inside we made our secret plans. On a daily or weekly basis, my friends and I would often build forts out of whatever we could find; We'd discuss life and the world, what was on television the night before, what was going to be on that evening, and anything else that seemed important enough to care about under the shaded canopy of plywood. Usually these forts got torn down a few days after they were built, but we derived a great amount of pleasure in building the next one, and the one after that...