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aurora dracula model
His hypnotic stare drew me toward that upper shelf in the toy section where the models were displayed.
Without a doubt, this is one of the most skillful box paintings ever, and the likeness of Bela Lugosi is incredible. Dracula was easy enough to build. The only hard part was making the front pieces of his cape stay on. The front cape pieces were difficult to glue on because they were so heavy. I had to use paint bottles to prop underneath them to keep them positioned until the glue dried.

Basically I had fun with this kit, but I thought the base wasn't entirely well thought out; with so many clumps of grass that seemed rather tedious to glue on. The tree, however, made up for it; it was nice and gnarled, very creepy and had bats resting on it.

I can recall painting each and every piece; it was nice that the kit came pre-molded in black. I really loved this aspect of Aurora's monster models; they seemed to realize how expensive paints were, and the models themselves seemed to come in colors that would be most-used.