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The Wolfman

the wolfmanThe Wolfman one was an interesting kit. It featured a very interesting base comprised of boulders and rocks with a skull and some rats. The Aurora bases for these models were for me the most interesting piece of the kit; the base told a story on its own. For The Wolfman, it told of an outdoor, wooded area where he prowled looking for victims.

the wolfman model Once again, the dynamic box art grabbed me. I remember this one sitting on my dresser. I loved the house in the background. It reminded me of some of the houses we'd trick-or-treat at on Halloween. In our neighborhoods, houses like that one, with a field of tall grass were usual, and could be found within walking distance.As a matter of fact, there were many fields that we used to play in as kids. They provided shortcuts to and from friends' houses. During the darker days when the sun started to set around four o'clock, I used the think about the Wolfman popping up from behind a tree, or hiding in the tall weeds. I'd scare myself into running so fast that I could almost feel his hairy claws on my back! A run through the field never seemed so long.

I loved the history about him on the instruction sheet. I also thought that the way they'd molded his upper musculature, he bore no resemblance to Lon Jr. but, in fact, looked more like Michael Landon in "I Was a Teenage Werewolf."

I always spread out on the living room coffee table to build these kits. I prefered the living room as that was where the TV was and I always preferred accompaniment. I can still smell the plastic parts inside the box. I always had to use some real muscle to twist the lids on the paint jars as so many of them had dried shut.