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The Chamber of Horrors Guillotine

aurora guillotine model
I could imagine this kit being Aurora's flagship in their impeccable line of horror creations. Nothing seemed more fascinating-in all of the Aurora monster model line-than The Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors Guillotine. On a Saturday afternoon spring sun filtered into our living room as I once again set up on our living room coffee table to put together this fascinating kit. The afternoon movie that played was "Bedlam starring Boris Karloff.

As usual I was spread out on the living room coffee table that had been covered with newspaper. Once I opened up the box I saw so many pieces, and the kit, at first, seemed a bit intimidatingguillotine model front view This was the first time I'd ever built a model that was a structure, and unlike the previous Aurora monster kits I'd built, this one was a bit harder. guillotine model box

One of my biggest problems was getting the blade to slide down smoothly. My brother Pat suggested sanding the insides of the posts a bit. He also suggested putting fishing sinkers into the blade casing to make it heavier.

This model was the most anticipated kit for me I'd seen the posters in our local hobby shop for it, and it seemed like a forever wait for it to come to our neighborhood. Also, The Guillotine was the first monster model kit I'd built during warmer weather. I got it in the springtime of 1966, and I built it with the aid of sunlight through our picture window.

My biggest mistake with this kit was taking it to school with me!